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Project Description Owner Last Change
dana/cg-glib.git Improved data structures for... Dana Jansens 12 years ago
dana/dcompmgr.git Dana's composite manager ... Dana Jansens 9 years ago
dana/obconf.git Openbox Configuration Manager Dana Jansens 6 years ago
dana/openbox-history.git Openbox history (The CVS then... Dana Jansens 14 years ago
dana/openbox-web.git Unnamed repository; edit this... Dana Jansens 10 years ago
dana/openbox.git Openbox Window Manager Dana Jansens 6 years ago
dana/urxvt.git A fork of rxvt-unicode for... Dana Jansens 11 years ago
dana/xcompmgr.git Transparent menus and some... Dana Jansens 13 years ago
manmower/cgl.git Unnamed repository; edit this... Derek Foreman 11 years ago
manmower/obtheme.git Preliminary openbox theme... Derek Foreman 11 years ago
mikachu/bricker.git bricker 11 years ago
mikachu/openbox.git Openbox Window Manager 3 years ago