descriptionImproved data structures for GLib. Specifically, a persistent version of the GTree.
ownerDana Jansens
last changeWed, 25 Nov 2009 17:01:11 +0000 (12:01 -0500)
2009-11-25 Dana JansensLine up the function parameters in the GTree header... master
2009-11-25 Dana JansensAdd the versioned/persistent GTree interface.
2009-11-25 Dana JansensAllow you to delete all versions <= x from a GTree.
2009-11-25 Dana JansensMake a GTree persistent.
2009-11-25 Dana JansensAdd the g_lookup_related() and g_search_related() funct...
2009-11-25 Dana JansensImplement GTree with a treap instead of an AVL tree
2009-11-25 Tor LillqvistRemove fuzzy marker from header, which crashed my msgfmt
2009-11-24 Ryan LortieBug 601637 - add GUnixFDList
2009-11-24 Alexander LarssonUpdate gio.symbols with new functions
2009-11-24 Alexander LarssonExport g_charset_converter_get_num_fallbacks in header
2009-11-24 Alexander LarssonFix GZlibCompressorFormat names
2009-11-23 Ryan LortieBug 591214 - Warnings building gcancellable.o
2009-11-23 Ryan LortieBug 598712 - can't detect text file with backspace
2009-11-23 Alexander LarssonAdd filter-cat test for GConverter streams
2009-11-23 Alexander LarssonAdd GZlibCompressor
2009-11-23 Alexander LarssonAdd GZlibDecompressor for zlib decompression
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