read all the available events at once
[dana/dcompmgr.git] / dcompmgr.c
2008-03-04 Dana Jansensread all the available events at once
2008-03-04 Dana Jansenscall a painting function
2008-03-04 Dana Jansensuse select to tell when there are events to read
2008-03-04 Dana Jansensadd windows to the stacking order when they are created...
2008-03-04 Dana Jansensmove more display code into the display file/struct
2008-03-04 Dana Jansenscheck for composite version 0.3
2008-03-04 Dana Jansenssuccessfully queries the server for atoms and extensions
2008-03-04 Dana Jansenscreate a d_display_t type that encompasses a connection...
2008-03-03 Dana Jansensadd an error handler
2008-03-03 Dana Jansenswindows are added and created on create/destroy/reparent
2008-03-03 Dana Jansenslots more structure, for windws and such. starting...
2008-03-03 Dana Jansensset the root event mask to listen for substructure...
2008-03-03 Dana Jansensno globals
2008-03-03 Dana Jansenssplit things off into screen.c/h
2008-03-03 Dana Jansenstake the selecton for the screens that we will be manag...
2008-03-03 Dana Jansensinitial commit