descriptionOpenbox Window Manager
ownerDana Jansens
last changeMon, 2 Dec 2013 16:35:44 +0000
2013-12-02 Dana Jansens Include rsvg-cairo.h for cairo-specific things master github/master origin/master
2013-09-01 Dana Jansens Fix nits for overlap placement center option
2013-09-01 Ian Zimmerman Add the old <center> option for the placement policy ...
2013-09-01 Ian Zimmerman Fix gcc warnings
2013-09-01 Tom Sires Fix a typo causing submenuShowDelay to be ignored (Bug ...
2013-08-19 Mikael Magnusson Add window type to If as well
2013-08-19 Mikael Magnusson Allow matching class, name and role in If action
2013-08-19 Mikael Magnusson Add ForEach action which is like If but runs on all ...
2013-08-19 Dana Jansens Remove the else-on-newline rule from HACKING
2013-08-19 Dana Jansens Add queries to If actions
2013-08-19 Dana Jansens Update HACKING for brace rules
2013-08-19 Dana Jansens Add a note to add the version to the bug tracker for ...
2013-08-12 Dana Jansens Update po files for 3.5.2 release-3.5.2
2013-08-12 Dana Jansens Add CHANGELOG for 3.5.2
2013-08-12 Dana Jansens Update version in to 3.5.2
2013-08-11 Dana Jansens Maximized undecored windows have incorrect top border ... github/origin/work origin/origin/work
8 months ago release-3.5.2 tagging the 3.5.2 release
8 months ago release-3.5.1 tagging the 3.5.1 release
8 months ago xkb Ye olde xkb branch.
8 months ago shortcut-color Ye olde shortcut-color branch.
8 months ago plugin Ye olde plugin branch.
8 months ago gl2 Ye olde gl2 branch.
8 months ago gl-oldtheme Ye olde gl-oldtheme branch.
8 months ago gl Ye olde gl branch.
8 months ago composite Ye olde composite branch.
8 months ago compgl Ye olde compgl branch.
8 months ago cgl Ye olde cgl branch.
8 months ago cairo Ye olde cairo branch.
8 months ago backport Ye olde backport branch for 3.4.
8 months ago 3.4-working Ye olde 3.4-working branch.
2 years ago release-3.5.0 tagging the 3.5.0 release
3 years ago release- tagging the release
3 months ago work
4 months ago master
18 months ago lop
18 months ago action-language
18 months ago dot-desktop
2 years ago thoughts-configloadsave
2 years ago configparser
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