descriptionOpenbox Window Manager
ownerDana Jansens
last changeMon, 2 Dec 2013 16:35:44 +0000
2013-12-02 Dana Jansens Include rsvg-cairo.h for cairo-specific things master github/master origin/master
2013-09-01 Dana Jansens Fix nits for overlap placement center option
2013-09-01 Ian Zimmerman Add the old <center> option for the placement policy ...
2013-09-01 Ian Zimmerman Fix gcc warnings
2013-09-01 Tom Sires Fix a typo causing submenuShowDelay to be ignored (Bug ...
2013-08-19 Mikael Magnusson Add window type to If as well
2013-08-19 Mikael Magnusson Allow matching class, name and role in If action
2013-08-19 Mikael Magnusson Add ForEach action which is like If but runs on all ...
2013-08-19 Dana Jansens Remove the else-on-newline rule from HACKING
2013-08-19 Dana Jansens Add queries to If actions
2013-08-19 Dana Jansens Update HACKING for brace rules
2013-08-19 Dana Jansens Add a note to add the version to the bug tracker for ...
2013-08-12 Dana Jansens Update po files for 3.5.2 release-3.5.2
2013-08-12 Dana Jansens Add CHANGELOG for 3.5.2
2013-08-12 Dana Jansens Update version in to 3.5.2
2013-08-11 Dana Jansens Maximized undecored windows have incorrect top border ... github/origin/work origin/origin/work
13 months ago release-3.5.2 tagging the 3.5.2 release
13 months ago release-3.5.1 tagging the 3.5.1 release
13 months ago xkb Ye olde xkb branch.
13 months ago shortcut-color Ye olde shortcut-color branch.
13 months ago plugin Ye olde plugin branch.
13 months ago gl2 Ye olde gl2 branch.
13 months ago gl-oldtheme Ye olde gl-oldtheme branch.
13 months ago gl Ye olde gl branch.
13 months ago composite Ye olde composite branch.
13 months ago compgl Ye olde compgl branch.
13 months ago cgl Ye olde cgl branch.
13 months ago cairo Ye olde cairo branch.
13 months ago backport Ye olde backport branch for 3.4.
13 months ago 3.4-working Ye olde 3.4-working branch.
3 years ago release-3.5.0 tagging the 3.5.0 release
4 years ago release- tagging the release
8 months ago work
9 months ago master
23 months ago lop
23 months ago action-language
23 months ago dot-desktop
3 years ago thoughts-configloadsave
3 years ago configparser
4 years ago wip/restack
4 years ago wip/hooks