Remove some spurious code
[dana/xcompmgr.git] /
2005-10-31 Adam JacksonBump to 1.1.3 for anholt's named window hack XCOMPMGR_1_1_3
2005-10-07 Eric AnholtAdd the foreign flag so autotools doesn't incorrectly...
2005-01-27 Adam JacksonBug #2391: Fix a use-after-free in run_fades. (Jonathan... XCOMPMGR_1_1_2
2004-10-16 Eric AnholtMake xcompmgr distcheck and have a sane package name...
2004-05-18 Eric AnholtAutoconf 2.57 appears to work fine, as well.
2004-03-25 Phil BlundellAutotoolized: