descriptionTransparent menus and some bug fixes for xcompmgr.
ownerDana Jansens
last changeWed, 20 Feb 2008 20:45:48 +0000 (15:45 -0500)
2008-02-20 Javeed ShaikhAllow the user to specify offsets for server-side ... master
2008-02-20 Dana JansensMore fixing for fade-outs.
2008-02-20 Dana JansensIgnore some X errors that can occur in normal use
2008-02-20 Dana JansensFix races that occur when a window id is destroyed...
2008-02-16 Dana JansensPlug 3 memory leaks, and make fading windows always...
2008-02-15 Dana JansensSave ConfigureNotify events for unmapped windows until...
2008-02-15 Dana Jansensregister the _NET_WM_CM_S hint with the correct screen...
2008-02-15 Dana JansensRemove some spurious code
2008-02-15 Dana JansensMake shadows, fading, and opacity based on the window...
2008-02-14 Dana JansensFix some rare memory leaks and behaviour when a mapped...
2008-02-14 Dana JansensFixes for window fade-outs
2008-02-13 Dana JansensFix a server resource leak on destroying windows. upstream
2007-11-05 Jamey SharpBug #13073: Fix broken word-wrapping in ChangeLog gener...
2007-09-03 James CloosAdd *~ to .gitignore to skip patch/emacs droppings
2007-08-24 James CloosRemove deprecated .cvsignore
2007-03-12 Tilman SauerbeckMake this loop slightly easier to read.
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