add xce-mcs-manager to the - run it if gsd is not found
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2008-02-27 Dana Jansensadd xce-mcs-manager to the - run it if...
2008-02-11 Dana Jansensapparently gnome has hidden gnome-settings-daemon in...
2008-02-11 Dana Jansensmissing >/dev/null for a which statement
2008-02-10 Dana Jansensmake an xdg-autostart script. it is very fancy.
2007-06-10 Dana Jansensremove SCIM by default. its caused people problems
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensremove the #! thing and add a nice comment
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensadd SCIM support to the default autostart. make the...
2007-05-15 Dana Jansenschanges to the manual pages.