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2010-02-08 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into 3.4-working
2010-02-08 Dana JansensUpdate the manpage for obxprop
2010-01-06 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into 3.4-working
2010-01-06 Dana JansensChange the openbox website to openbox.org
2010-01-06 Dana Jansensadd a manpage for obxprop
2008-01-25 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into 3.4-working
2008-01-11 Dana Jansensfocus the desktop window when you right click it, same...
2007-07-22 Dana JansensMerge branch 'master' into 3.4-working
2007-07-22 Dana Jansenschange the <execute> to <command> in the mouse focus...
2007-07-12 Dana Jansensadding trunk
2007-07-12 Dana Jansensadding trunk
2007-06-03 Dana Jansensmerge r7288-7294 from trunk
2007-06-03 Dana Jansensadd underMouse option
2007-06-01 Dana Jansensmerge r7209 from trunk
2007-06-01 Dana Jansensmake the default drag threshold 8px
2007-05-30 Mikael Magnussonmergicate r7106 from trunk
2007-05-30 Mikael Magnussonleft and right edges resized in the wrong direction
2007-05-28 Dana Jansensmerge r6996-7017 from trunk
2007-05-28 Dana Jansens(no commit message)
2007-05-28 Dana Jansensremove all the ignoreing
2007-05-28 Dana Jansensignore built stuff
2007-05-27 Dana Jansensmerge r6955-6963 from trunk
2007-05-27 Dana Jansensadd the focus options documentation to the mouse focus...
2007-05-26 Dana Jansensmerge r6904-6915 from trunk
2007-05-26 Dana Jansenslet you unfocus/lower stuff in press actions. it'll...
2007-05-26 Dana Jansensmerge r6881-6890 from trunk
2007-05-26 Dana Jansensdon't lower from press actions, because that can't...
2007-05-26 Dana Jansensadd C-A-Up/Down to the mouse focus example, and don...
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensmerge r6866-6873 from trunk openbox-3_3_994-RELEASE
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensremove activate from the mouse focus example rc.xml
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensmerge r6816-6862 from trunk
2007-05-25 Mikael MagnussontitleNumber disappeared a while ago
2007-05-24 Dana Jansensmerge r6768-6807 from trunk
2007-05-23 Dana Jansensmention that they dont take command line arguments
2007-05-23 Dana Jansensmention that the desktop stuff are default values only
2007-05-23 Dana Jansensbetter idea, don't set the desktop names in the default...
2007-05-23 Dana Jansensmake the default desktop names match the auto generated...
2007-05-23 Dana Jansensupdate the desktops comment to tell you to use obconf...
2007-05-22 Dana Jansensmerge r6727 from trunk
2007-05-22 Dana Jansensmake the generated files with paths depend on the Makef...
2007-05-22 Dana Jansensmerge r6724 from trunk
2007-05-22 Dana Jansensupdate the docs from the sgml.. timestamps are weird
2007-05-21 Dana Jansensmerge r6677-6689 from trunk
2007-05-20 Dana Jansensadd the root context to the sloppy focus example config
2007-05-20 Dana Jansensmerge r6667-6672 from trunk
2007-05-20 Mikael Magnussonadd --restart
2007-05-19 Dana Jansensmerge r6636-6644 from trunk
2007-05-19 Dana Jansensadd Left and Right contexts for resizing
2007-05-19 Dana Jansensmerge r6599-6634 from trunk
2007-05-17 Dana Jansensobconf 1 will still work for 3.4
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensregenerated manpage
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensmore mis-merging
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensmerge r6577-6578 from trunk
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensupdates to build debian and ubuntu debs. make man page...
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensmerge r6573-6575 from trunk
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensupdate website in man pages. also update the see-also's
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensmerge r6571 from trunk
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensfix desktop bindings. thank you prim.
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensmerge r6569 from trunk
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensdont hardcode the paths in the man pages. add the docbo...
2007-05-15 Dana Jansensadd the man pages..
2007-05-15 Dana Jansensadd the manpages..
2007-05-15 Dana Jansenscommit man pages so iit compiles?
2007-05-15 Dana Jansensopenbox.1 wasnt added, oops
2007-05-15 Dana Jansensmerge r6533-6557 from trunk
2007-05-15 Dana Jansensadd the openbox-session manpage
2007-05-15 Dana Jansenschanges to the manual pages.
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensadd openbox-session for gdm, which will run ~/.config...
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensremove config namespaces
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensmerge r6520-6522 from trunk
2007-05-14 Mikael Magnussontypos
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensgenerated changes for manage
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensmerge r6512-6513 from trunk
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensgenerated manpage
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensmention that obconf older than 2.0 is no good.
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensmerge r6508-6510 from trunk
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensadd --debug-xinerama
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensmerge r6494-6502 from trunk
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensmore manpage changes for the 3 configuration namespaces
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensmanpage fixups
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensdon't unset the config namespace so that if you rerun...
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensmention which config file it will use
2007-05-13 Dana Jansenssave the config type in the session command line arguments
2007-05-13 Dana Jansenswhen using openbox-gnome/kde-session, use a separate...
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensmerge r6491-6492 from trunk
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensadd an rc.xml example for mouse focus
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensmerge r6480-6482 from trunk
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensadd the generated from docbook man pages, for people...
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensmerge r6463-6468 from trunk
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensproperly tell where the config files are
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensmerge r6460-6461 from trunk
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensadd man pages for openbox-gnome-session and openbox...
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensmerge r6452-6458 from trunk
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensremove stuff that isnt used
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensyeh
2007-05-13 Dana JansensAdd a manage
2006-08-31 Mikael Magnussonremove .cvsignore files
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensadd the sgml dir
2003-04-27 Dana Jansensno longer pertinent
2003-04-03 Dana Jansensnew build system without automake